Photo by Viktor Hesse on Unsplash

ATMs Renewed for One Year for Ukraine Trade

Photo by Viktor Hesse on Unsplash The suspension of import duties and quotas on Ukrainian exports to the European Union will be extended for another year, it has been announced. The EU

Taiwan and the Loch Ness Monster

Taiwan’s absence from international organisations has been likened to the search for the Loch Ness Monster. The Taipei Representative Office in Brussels says the search for “Nessie” in the

Russians Target Kharkiv

Kharkiv after bombardment by Russia / photo by UNIAN (Andriy Mariienko) The city of Kharkiv, situated near the border with Russia, has become a focal point of
Nazi Russia

Defending Freedom on Victory Day

Throughout history, the pivotal role of Ukrainians in the victory over fascism during the Second World War stands as a testament to their courage, sacrifice, and unwavering

Putin’s Inauguration

Putin’s inauguration on May 7th will be exploited by the Kremlin to portray the narrative of Putin’s supposed triumph over international isolation and the acknowledgement of his

Ukrainian Peace Formula

On 15-16 June 2024, a high-level conference on peace in Ukraine will be held in Switzerland. The event aims to create a favourable basis for a comprehensive


Running in Italy for the European Parliament

Married to an Italian for over 30 years and with two children who are dual nationals, I did not until recently seek an Italian passport,

EU Attitudes to Migration

European Young Leaders

Left Calls to Shun Radical Political Parties

The European Elections of 2024